Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing - Episode 3

Thanks to dropping an Exile out of the sky which in turn obliterated everything in its path, it seems as if this freshly conceived war is now very much a case of "advantage Ades" - an advantage which they seem to be pushing on with in the opening to this third instalment, which also introduces us to a little more of this particular nation's back story.

From here however, our focus shifts back to Millia, as we find her angry at her (and moreover Fam's) inability to rescue her sister, and further still distraught as she sees her nation's prize ship, the Lasas, literally being taken to pieces and sold to the highest bidder.  Not only that, but even the contents of the ship are being flogged - when Millia sees the sale of a particular item precious to her take place, she's finally seen enough and tries to follow its new owner even if that means taking to the skies.

Of course, Millia is no pilot, so enter Fam with an offer to help retrieve what she's lost, while the second half of the episode delves into the back story of the Sky Pirates as well as Fam herself and her goals for the future - the most immediate of which seems to involve stealing a rather important battleship....

Following a couple of break-neck early episodes, Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing needed to slow down and put some thought into its back story, and this it duly does in the show's third instalment.  This does leave us with rather a disjointed experience as it jumps from one topic or point of interest to the next before rushing to set up its premise for the following instalment, and somehow the way it serves up its back story never really feels particularly compelling or interesting, leaving us instead with an unremarkable experience that it was hard to keep any real interest in.  Still, things look set to return to more high-octane stuff next week, so let's see what it can serve up there.

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