Monday, 7 November 2011

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 5

After introducing yet more oddballs last week, episode five of Mirai Nikki adds an odd ball to that number, as we begin by delving into the back story of Tsubaki, the short-sighted diary owned with a decidedly dark past indeed as the figurehead of a cult gone horribly awry.

With her past having seemingly twisted her own heart, we begin to get a feel for exactly why the twelfth diary owner has taken an interest in her in the name of righteousness - of course, Yukiteru knows nothing of this as he's forced to choose between following the clearly bonkers Yuno and the seemingly more gentle Tsubaki.  While his first choice is to try and escape with both of them, eventually Twelfth's tactics (and his love of Super Sentai shows) catch up with them, leaving Yuno to save the day once again even though she seems to have pushed herself to the limit with all that axe-swinging.

It's at this point that Tsubaki shows her true colours, trying to take Yukiteru into her cult before making the foolish mistake of kissing him in front of Yuno - it goes without saying that this is a bad movie, sending Yuno into another violent frenzy which allows Yukkii to escape, albeit at the expense of her own freedom.  With Yuno held hostage by Tsubaki and used as bait, does Yukiteru have the guts to show his face and go on the offensive?  Amazingly yes, as he finally comes to realise how much Yuno cares about him even if she is rather.... "overbearing" about it.

It seems as if everyone episode of Mirai Nikki sets out to top the last in terms of outright, balls to the wall insanity and shock tactics, with this week's instalment throwing a hefty dose of rape and attempted rape our way on top of it usual diet of blood and guts.  Somehow, this still manages to work however as it's woven into a breakneck succession of twists, turns and surprises that never really give you an opportunity to say "hey, none of this actually makes any sense" or "well, this is dumb", getting by on energy and insanity alone.  Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way at the moment, as it proves to be incredibly entertaining more often than not.

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