Friday, 18 November 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Episode 7

Regardless of the summer break, the Neighbours Club are still meeting at school on a daily basis - all, that is, aside from Kobato who finds herself unable to make the journey to the club room in the summer heat given her proclivity for wearing all-black.

For the rest of the club however, the summer has changed nothing as they all continue to hang out together while not really talking to one another at all and mostly engrossing themselves in their own disparate interests.  After one day when only Kodaka and Yukimura turn up however, Kodaka quite rightly points out that the members need a better way of communicating their intentions with one another outside of their club activities.

With online forums and social networks ruled out for various reasons, the obvious answer to this particular quandary is the use of mobile phones, although amazingly the thought never even occurred to either Kodaka or Yozora.  Thus, it's with much exctiement that these friendless fellows swap numbers and mail addresses with one another... all, that is, aside from Sena who has somehow managed to make it to this point in her life without a mobile phone at all.  While the others use their new-found avenue of communication in various ways, Sena finally joins the 21st century, meaning that there are even more new ways for Yozora to bully her.

After a decidedly dull start to this episode that proved to be almost entirely uninteresting, this week's instalment of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai did at least redeem itself somewhat with some more amusing moments surrounding the use of mobile phones, with Yozora and Rika in particular providing some laughs before the end of the episode was again ruined somewhat by Yozora's picking on Sena going rather over the top.  Certainly, the sheen of earlier episodes has dissipated with this series over the past couple of weeks, perhaps inevitably so, but provided it can continue to bring at least some humour to the table each week it'll hopefully remain a worthy watch.

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