Saturday, 26 November 2011

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing - Episode 7

After their successful "purge" of supposedly disloyal elements last episode, Ades' forces focus their attentions to the north of the Grand Lake, even if their ruler Augusta seems to be having doubts of her own as to the heavy-handed nature of the nation which she leads.

Meanwhile, Fam has the completion of her contract with Sylvius' crew in her sight, and despite only having one craft left to steal to put an end to her current task she's still determined to go out with a bang thanks to the opportunity to half-inch a whole fleet of craft - a needlessly reckless task through the eyes of Gise, but one that neither Fam herself nor Millia can take their eyes from.

As their mission begins, it seems that Fam isn't the only one in pursuit of these craft, as their Sky Pirate friends and family make an appearance with the same goal in mind.  What seems to be some friendly rivalry soon turns into something rather more serious however, as it quickly becomes clear that all concerned have been thrown into the midst of a trap laid by Ades' forces, leaving them with little chance of escape from the bombardment that follows.  With even Gise unable to focus in the panic which ensues, it's up to Fam to do some "blue sky thinking" to save them from this peril., although it isn't quite game over yet as Fam and Gise set their course to return to the confines of the Sylvius...

Having lacked any big action set-pieces to speak of in recent weeks, this week's Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing makes up for this with a far more focused and action-oriented instalment.  Admittedly, it doesn't do quite as good a job of generating tension and excitement as it might have set out to, but at least it's plot and the progression of that story felt far more grounded (with every pun intended) and considered than the scattershot approach the series has exhibited of late.  This still isn't enough to take us back to the heady, earlier episodes of the series, but if nothing else we're finally getting a glimpse of a show which has its head screwed on once again.

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