Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 8

With burglaries rife around the area - Squid Girl isn't perhaps the first person you'd turn to when it comes to looking after your home while you're out, but Eiko and Chizuru are left with little choice but to leave our titular character for their own devices for a day as they head out to work.

Needless to say, when a burglar does turn up he finds himself mightily confused by Squid Girl's behaviour - is she friend or foe for starters?  Eventually he seems to have succeeded in pulling the wool over Squid Girl's eyes, but little does he know that she isn't the only security installation in the house...

From here, Squid Girl's squid devouring ways come under the spotlight as a certain incident involving our "friendly" local MIT scientists causes her to give up on her favourite dish - a vow which is easier said than done as you might expect the longer her shrimp-free diet continues.  Finally, a hot day and too much hard work sees Squid Girl come down with heat stroke, resulting in a trip to the first aid room of the nearby life guard station.  The trouble is, Sanae is also recovering there as she too is afflicted by the heat, which poses an obvious question for Squid Girl - is she going to get assaulted before she regains the energy to escape or defend herself?

After an amusing first segment of this week's episode which worked its misunderstandings and daft premise well, things didn't work out quite so nicely for the remainder of the instalment - Squid Girl's attempts to avoid eating shrimp trod down an overly well-worn path that made it all too predictable, while the final segment was reasonably well worked but neither particularly funny nor entertaining.  There have been plenty of better episodes of Squid Girl that's for sure, which shouldn't detract from the overall sense of entertainment which has pervaded the show throughout.

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