Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hidamari Sketch xSP - Episode 2 (Completed)

Quite frankly I've had a terrible day today - thank goodness then that a new instalment of Hidamari Sketch is 100% guaranteed to relieve stress and cure any work-related ills.

I probably don't need to mention that this second and final instalment of xSP is split into two, with the first half of the episode taking in the decidedly ordinary task of washing some curtains.  Of course, even this can somehow manage to be fun when you're part of the Hidamari Apartments gang, as it winds up involving a paddling pool and plenty of detergent, meaning bubbles aplenty and the chance to splash around whilst trying to wash the curtains in the process.  Now, if only Nazuna had relayed the day's weather forecast a little sooner...

After a brief distraction involving Yoshinoya and her determination to let all and sundry know that she in no way resembles a cow, the residents of Hidamari Apartments find themselves faced with a rare and unusual treat - a meal out, fully paid for by their landlady.  But what's the catch?  Seemingly, there is no catch, so off they all traipse for an all you can eat buffet of meat, cakes and other such goodies (including copious amounts of beer for the landlady) - although when I said there's no catch, this does depend on the result of a game of "Sushian roulette"... and the landlady having enough cash on her to actually pay the bill.

As ever, Hidamari Sketch is relaxing, uncomplicated and beautifully presented fun throughout that makes the most of its characters and their never-overbearing foibles to entertain its audience.  You could probably argue that the show's comedy isn't at its absolute sharpest in these two special episodes, but it still delivers enough laughs and funny moments to be worthwhile, and this second episode in particular worked rather well in its all you can eat restaurant setting if only thanks to the landlady shaking things up a little.  Roll on season four of the series proper!

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