Monday, 14 November 2011

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 6

Aww, how sweet - after he saved her life last episode, Yuno has decided to visit Yukiteru to personally thank him for the risks he took fending off the Sacred Eye cult and the insanity than ensued.  Wait, what's this?  Yukkii isn't home?  Yuno smashing a window and breaking in?  Ah... old habits die hard, it seems.

The reason for Yuno's spot of breaking and entering is that her diary has helpfully told her that Yukiteru's mother has a few days off work to spend at home, and like any good prospective wife she decides it would be best to welcome them both back with open arms and a hot meal on the table.  Of course, Yukkii doesn't see things quite the same way and tries to hide Yuno away in his closet, to no avail.

Aside from brief peeks at what Uryuu and Deus ex Machina are up at present, our window on the current state of Yuno and Yukiteru's relationship (Yuno has a date in her diary for when they're going to sleep together for the first time, which is handy) is pushed to one side by the appearance of a cute little kid named Reisuke Houjou who is put into the care of Yukiteru's mother after the loss of his parents in the Sacred Eye incident.  Of course, this is Mirai Nikki we're talking about, so there's no such thing as "just a cute kid" - there's something far more sinister to Houjou than first meets the eye, as evidenced by an "accident" with some scissors which seems to be the start of something much more malicious aimed towards Yuno.

We probably needed a bit of a breather after last week's lunacy, so I can't be too begrudging of a slower, more comedy-centric first half of this episode - it does, of course, not hold a candle to the show's crazier moments, so thank goodness we've been been fed another member of this show's diary-owning asylum to pique our interest late in this instalment.  Roll on more blood, guts and violence again next week, no doubt.

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