Saturday, 19 November 2011

Working'!! - Episode 8

It seems as it Takanashi has been having a rough time in Working of late, and things certainly don't get much better for him this week as he makes a shocking discovery - that his little sister Nazuna is now as tall as he is!

With his last familial source of small cuteness gone, Takanashi turns to Poplar for help, imploring that she become his little sister if only for one day - something she reluctantly agrees to, despite the consternation and outright worry of the others, not leads Inami.  Given her crush on Takanashi, Inami finds herself wishing that he'd call her cute as well... but perhaps Soma has an answer to that particular problem?  After a few false starts, he hits upon a sure-fire way of hearing those words from his mouth, much to Inami's constant delight.

For the second half of the episode, Kirio Yamada swings by Wagnaria on the hunt for his sister - after ascertaining that none of the usual staff are in fact her, Soma leads him up the garden path first by giving him a picture of Takanashi dressed as a woman (if you haven't watched the first season of Working, this joke will only confuse you) before ensuring that Yamada is never around when her brother is looking for him, even going to the lengths of taking her out shopping and buying her things to keep him from his clutches.  Is this Sato being a nice fellow who likes having Yamada around, or is he simply doing it because he gets a kick out of it?

After a bit of a lull over the past couple of episodes, this felt like a sharper, funnier episode of Working that has a fair number of great one-liners and gags to deploy evenly across its running time, while also making full use of Inami and Yamada's respective "cute factor" to keep fans happy into the bargain.  Heck, this week's episode even has a contiguous plot thread to keep us going as well - not a first admittedly, but perhaps welcome in terms of keeping the series ticking along on its undoubtedly merry way.

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