Saturday, 12 November 2011

Working'!! - Episode 7

There's a molester on the prowl in the vicinity of Inami's route to work as episode seven of Working begins - a worrying thought, needless to say.  Worrying, that is, for the molester himself, given Inami's proclivities.

Needless to say, these two individuals do indeed meet as Inami makes her way to Wagnaria for her shift, although impressively he actually manages to block her punch.  More interestingly, he claims not to be a molester at all but rather nothing more than a boy looking for his missing sister.  Given that he looks rather like a certain somebody and claims to boast the surname of Yamada, surely he can't be looking for Aoi?  Nah, of course not...

With this supposed molester on the lookse, others are of course worried about Inami's route to work, nobody less so than Taneshima, who implores Takanashi to make sure she's safe on her journey.  This sounds sensible enough, but when he catches Inami and Kirio Yamada chatting away happily something breaks in him.  Could this be... jealousy?  Like a dog eschewing its owner, or something rather more personal?  Although it seems as though some long, hard and difficult thinking is about to grant Takanashi an epiphany in his feelings for Inami... well, don't get your hopes up.

Much like last week's episode, we weren't treated to the same level of humour and laughs as Working at its best this time around, but then again we never seem to be whenever Inami and Takanashi are involved heavily as there's always a slightly more serious (well, as serious as this show can get) air around proceedings.  Still, that didn't stop this from being another entertaining instalment, ensuring that this series remains as fun as ever to watch even when it isn't quite on the sharp edge of its proverbial comedy knife.

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