Monday, 21 November 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 7

When the South Wind restaurant's owner invites Eiko, Chizuru and Squid Girl over to his house, it seems like a nice enough gesture... provided you ignore the giant Squid Girl heads in the front garden, that is.

However, it's rather hard to fathom exactly what the owner's motivation for this invitation is - his sharp, abrupt attitude towards his guests make them feel more like they're being kidnapped, yet some of his actions seem to be belying the harshness of his words as he shows his guests the comforts of the Squid Girl toilet (should we place bets on how long until this becomes official merchandise?) and feeds them heartily.  All is well as it turns out that all he really wants to do is help the girls for their help in bringing Ayumi out of her shell - a nice enough sentiment for sure.

This week's second helping of comedy comes as Squid Girl takes a tumble, and in true cartoon fashion ends up with amnesia as a result of bashing her head.  With no memory of who or what she is, Cindy and Sanae try to take advantage of the situation by attempting to persuade her that she's an alien and Sanae's girlfriend respectively (I'm assuming that ship has already sailed in doujinshi), although it's the assertion that she's a squid who can't remove her hat that seems to amuse our eponymous central character the most until her memories finally return.

Finally, part three of this instalment sees Squid Girl setting up an after-school "invasion club" with Kiyomi and her friends - despite being entirely unsure as to what after-school clubs actually do.  Still, eventually they figure out a decent way to "invade" the local area, and much fun is had by all concerned before sickness interrupts the group.

All of this makes for another fun, entertaining and occasionally amusing episode, driven largely by Eiko's reactions and snappy one-liners on this occasion to provide most of the best laughs, although Sanae's continued place as this show's proverbial punching bag continues to have its moments.  Of course, then there are all the fish and sea-based puns provided by Crunchyroll's subtitles, which never fail to amuse somehow and leave me continuing to love this series.

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