Monday, 21 November 2011

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 7

So, the adorable Reisuke Houjou has been allowed into the Amano household - and by adorable I mean murderous lunatic of course, with Rei having proved himself to be the fifth diary holder in Mirai Nikki's fetid little game.

Although Reisuke's diary is a childishly simple one - a picture book which only shows future events for three times of the day - this does little to deter the mind of almost fiendish brilliance within as he concocts ever more despicable ways to do away with Yukkii and Yuno.  Of course, Yuno is no sucker when it comes to these things, preventing an opportunity for both herslef and Yukkii from being poisoned, while Yukkii's quick thinking stops Rei from electrocuting Yuno in the bath - our young guest is quite the electromaniac (and no, that doesn't mean he has a penchant for listening to Kraftwerk).

Eventually, it seems as if Reisuke has gained the upper hand with a particularly cunning trick on his part which fills the Amano home with poison gas - with Yukkii seemingly out of action, it's up to Yuno to try and catch her current "prey" in the hope of taking the antidote he holds for the aforementioned poison gas before it does for Yukkii.  Even Yuno is no match for some of Rei's crueler plots however, but of course it's too early to write off our diary-sporting team as a blend of plot twists and an outright deus ex machina (no, not the character) save the day.

There's so much wrong with this episode of Mirai Nikki in terms of its ludicrous story, horrific characters and unthinkable violence - but who cares when it's so incredibly, shockingly entertaining?  It's hard not to be dragged along on the roller-coaster ride that is an episode like this, with all of its twists and turns complete with a vast number of "oh shit" and "they didn't really just go there, did they?" moments.  It would take a cruel and malicious person to derive so much enjoyment from this show... but oh well, I guess you'll just have to mark me down as one of them.  This is a series which is almost transcending that of the "guilty pleasure", entering the realms of "downright shameful" pleasure, but I can't help but love it.  Oh, and how awesome is the chiptunes-infused background music in this week's instalment?  Hurry along with the series OST please.

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