Monday, 14 November 2011

Squid Girl Season 2 - Episode 6

After yet another break, and what should be its final hiatus for its run, Squid Girl returns to light up my Monday evening once again via its sixth instalment, serving up another trio of triumphant tales as it did so.

Our first sub-episode this week sees Squid Girl joining Chizuru, Eiko and Takeru as they go from a refreshing morning run.  While Chizuru ends up fulling her exercise regime with a hapless, loved-up Goro, the others take a detour to help Squid Girl take in the city, including the terrors of a giant Buddha... although in truth it's only really the food that makes any lasting impression upon our protagonist.  Next up, Squid Girl finds herself availed of Sanae's close attentions by her own force of diminutive bodyguards - an idea which gives rises to a plan by Sanae which sees her take on the role of Squid Girl's bodyguard for herself.  While this grants her access to every part of her favourite creature's life, can she really trust herself not to abuse her powers?

Finally, the week's instalment is closed off by the return of mini-Squid Girl.  Hurrah!  This time around, we're spared anything too overly emotional (a good job, after her last outing made me cry) in favour of what is effectively a silent movie of sorts as mini-Squid Girl finds herself literally swept away on the breeze of an adventure which takes her from the airs to the "seas" (well, a puddle) through to an attack by cats.  There's only one thing to say about this particular segment, and that's "Awwwww....".  Repeatedly.

It's the mini-Squid Girl segment which will doubtless monopolise everyone's memories and thoughts for this episode, and with good reason, serving as it does as a triumph of using animation and music to tell a story and provoke a reaction rather than the usual dialogue and verbal gags.  Still, the other sections of this week's instalment were pretty good too, making for another fun frolic in the world of Squid Girl as it shows no sign of losing its way.

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