Friday, 11 November 2011

Persona 4: The Animation - Episode 6

After the distractions of its previous episode, this week's slice of Persona 4: The Animation brings us... well, more distractions to some degree.

Before really reaching the mainstay of the episode, we find ourselves with some time to see how Narukami is getting on with his new, temporary family setting - a role he seems to have fitted into quite nicely, as he makes up for Nanako's father's Golden Week absence (despite his earlier promises) by taking her out with his friends, where she makes quite an impression overall.

 With this done and dusted, we can turn our attention back to the current investigation being undertaken by Narukami and company, from linking the current victims and their ties to the initial murder which kicked off proceedings through to identifying the next likely victim thanks to the Midnight Channel.  Judging by what they see, the next person in the spotlight is a renowned male delinquent named Kanji Tatsumi - not the most likely of victims, but there's no doubting his ties (however small) to Yamano.  From here, everything gets a little bit slapstick, with the group trying to first warn Tatsumi of the impending danger before attempting to covertly tail him as he's propositioned by a strange boy, but there's no doubting we're heading back towards some serious business.

Although it wasn't quite as focused on its core elements of importance as I was expecting, this episode delivered reasonably well on what was required here, introducing our next potential victim and still finding time to good off and have a bit of fun with its characters into the bargain before we dive back inside June's television next week.  It arguably still doesn't beat actually playing the game, which feels far more satisfying, but it isn't a bad alternative either.

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