Friday, 25 November 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Episode 8

As per last week's episode, summer is still in full sway for Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai's eighth episode - worse still, the air conditioning has packed in for the Hasegawa household, leaving them (and Kobata in particular) at the mercy of the weather for the next few days until a replacement unit arrives.

Luckily for Kobato, she finally spies an opportunity  to change out of that stifling gothic lolita dress into something a little more suitable for the current climate - that said, the opportunity to head on over to the school's air conditioned club room still seems like a mightily tempting one.  Once there, little has changed as Yozora makes a habit of teasing her fellow club members while Sena gets a shock from her latest visual novel and Maria gets herself into trouble as a result of that aforementioned teasing.

With nothing much better to do, the group decide that a visit to the pool is in order - an ill-timed trip it turns out, with the buses to the pool packed to the rafters while the swimming baths themselves aren't much better.  This has a particularly big impact upon Yozora and Rika, who seem the least well-adjusted to large crowds, to the point of them both leaving early to the consternation and disappointment of the others.

As episodes of this series go, this week's instalment was okay - nothing more, nothing less.  It had a sprinkling of amusing moments but largely seemed geared up to titillation and fan service over large amounts of comedy before rushing through any real emotional payload at its climax for no particular reason.  As I mentioned last week, the shine of those razor-sharp early episodes has faded now, and we're left with the more mediocre fare which we perhaps predicted that the series would end up serving up.

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