Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mekakucity Actors - Episode 8

Having heard word of Shintaro witnessing an accident, Momo and the others rush to the hospital where he's currently located only to find him protesting vehemently that this was no accident but something else entirely.

The trouble is, nobody seems capable of verbalizing exactly what it was that actually happened (Mekakucity Actors unable to explain what the Hell is going on?  Shocking, I know), but things start to make sense when Hibiya quite literally runs into Momo again.  Having been involved in this incident, he seems keen to get away, but collapses before doing so - having spotted his red eyes, Kido makes the executive decision that the group should take him with them before he arouses any suspicion or, more importantly, activates his as-yet unknown power in the midst of a crowded hospital.

The aftermath of this does at least grant us some insight into how this group obtained their powers, given that they all have a very similar story to share - an incident in which they seemed certain to die, yet somehow survived only to find themselves imbued with some kind of new ability or other.  It also seems that in each of these cases, the individual in question was swallowed up by this mysterious snake-like creature alongside another who was less fortunate and remained trapped in another dimension, never to return.  Is this what happened to Hibiya's friend Hiyori?  It seems likely, but that isn't going to stop him from searching for her, leaving Kido and Momo to give chase and Shintaro to look after Marry - a request which means that it's his turn to have a surprise in store.

There continues to be an interesting story developing within Mekakucity Actors, but boy is it continuing to take an eternity to get there - this wouldn't be so bad if the show had snappier or otherwise more entertaining dialogue, but everything is delivery dryly and most attempts at humour and the like fall flat.  Still, perhaps things are finally on the up, and even the show's animation quality seemed to take an upward swing this week, although with episodes running out this may be too little too late.

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