Saturday, 31 May 2014

Riddle Story of Devil - Episode 9

Tokaku has managed to handle everything that has been thrown at herself and Haru thus far, but a two-pronged attack carried out by both Banba and Isuke might be more than even she is capable of emerging from victorious.

This situation isn't helped by Inukai's realisation that Tokaku is simply incapable of killing (for reasons that we are explained via flashback at the start of this episode), giving her the upper hand in their fast-moving knife fight, which also gives Banba plenty of time to delight in her preparations to provide Haru with a rather uncomfortable demise at the hands of a massive hammer.

Haru isn't one to give up so easily however, and manages to escape the patient Banba's clutches over and over again, using her mobile phone to delay her fate before showing some surprisingly proficient tactics to keep the Grim Reaper from her door.  Compared to this, it seems as if Azuma has reached her limit, ultimately left to plummet from a high window to what will surely be her doom.  At least, it would be were this not fiction, but as Isuke and Banba come to blows over who will succeed in killing a now distraught Haru, there's time enough for Tokaku to recover both her sense and consciousness to come to Haru's rescue.  The game is almost over, but are our heroines about to face their toughest opponent yet?

I'm starting to come to the conclusions that Riddle Story of Devil features a world where all of its assassins are terrible, given how they all seem to fall into the same old traps of inaction, delivering monologues or taking their time to "enjoy the moment" which in turn leads to their downfall - not that this really effects the entertainment value of the show, which continues to impress week after week. For a series that promises violence and insanity, it's surprisingly proficient at delivering emotionally too, with Haru's terror and feelings serving as a centrepiece for proceedings rather well. With some reasonably polished delivery and energy to boot, the show has plenty going for it as it moves into its final weeks.

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