Thursday, 15 May 2014

Nanana's Buried Treasure - Episode 6

Now that Yuugo's financial concerns have been lifted (temporarily at least), he can look forward to joining the rest of the Adventure Club's members on their busman's holiday to a hot springs resort which also happens to be the purported location of another item from the Nanana Collection.

Upon arrival, Yuugo finds himself sharing the hotel with one very familiar face from outside of the club, while his insistence upon having a room to himself on account of his snoring also seems a little suspicious - suspicions that are confirmed (to the viewer at least) when he awakens to meet the others the following morning looking like the sort of tired man who had been out much of the night on other business.

Nonetheless, Yuugo is ready to tackle the puzzle proffered them by the home of this latest treasure, even if Isshin has left some of his supposed comrades in the cold to make an early bid for the item himself.  Although the puzzle to reach this piece of the Nanana Collection seems relatively simple it still has its challenges - challenges which don't seem to match the treasure that they end up with.  When the item in question is quickly stolen, it doesn't take long for Tensai to unmask the thief, but all appears to be naught anyhow as the item is revealed to be nothing more than a fake.

This wasn't a particularly strong episode of Nanana's Buried Treasure, but it did have its fun moments - Yuugo's place as an anti-hero still somehow manages to be surprising even though it's now well established, and there was a smattering of well-placed moments of comedy to boot.  Coupled with its pleasing aesthetic and mixing of narrative elements in a casual but enjoyable way, there remains a fair amount of entertainment value to be had which arguably transcends the actual content of the series when taken as a whole, which is exactly what keeps me coming back for more like some particularly moreish pudding.

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