Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 - Episode 6

The work never ends for μ's, and after last week's fashion show this week sees the group taking on an appearance at a Halloween themed event... what's more, it's a televised event in which A-RISE will also be participating.

Although this prospect initially fills the girl with confidence, it quickly turns to worry as the first day of the event begins - after a stuff introduction in front of a live audience and the TV cameras by a trio of μ's finest, A-RISE steal the show merely by appearing via a television link.  It's clear that something needs to change to give our school idols more "impact", but what?

Needless to say, what follows is a number of attempts for the girls to reinvent themselves, be it by dressing themselves up as representatives of various school clubs (or, failing that, fruit), taking on one another's character traits to mix things up a little, or going down the rock 'n' roll route and dressing like Kiss.  When all of these ideas fall flat, so does the girls morale... however, perhaps all they really need to do is be themselves and just keep on having fun?

Much like last week's effort, this wasn't Love Live at its most memorable but it was still pretty fun, giving its cast the opportunity to goof around for an entire episode (which admittedly happens every week, but in a slightly more surreal and free-form fashion here) and even its voice cast to have a little fun playing one another's characters.  As per usual, this makes for a colourful and entertaining way to while away an evening after a long day, and in those terms alone it hits the spot perfectly, even if I did hope they were going to cover Thriller at the end...

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