Wednesday, 14 May 2014

M3 the dark metal - Episode 4

Recent events are understandably of great concern to the powers that be as the situation surrounding the Corpses appears to be spiraling out of control - a situation that has left them conceding to governmental wishes in how these higher-ups run their project.

Meanwhile, Gargouille's training continues apace, with the group dropped at disparate locations around a deserted island without any real means of navigation, and tasked with meeting up and working together on a mock investigation as a team - a team which includes Heito, which is understandably an uncomfortable prospect for all concerned.

While all and sundry try to figure out their state of play, battle on despite feeling ill (in Emiru's case) or simply panic and flail around doing nothing, as time passes all of the group find themselves enveloped by strange memories, recollections and an almost magnetic bond to one another that gives them an understanding of exactly where they should meet.  Could it be that they've met before?  It seems that even Heito shares these feelings, although it's hard to tell when he seems to be so mired in insanity... it also seems that he's looking for something; something which Emiru appears to possess.

I will give M3 some kudos for building up some interesting story elements this week (even if the prior relationship between the members of the cast was foreshadowed so heavily that it had zero surprise value at this point) - I just wish it could be a little less boring and more dynamic about delivering it.  At present, none of the characters have any redeeming features, and even Heito's insanity is overplayed in a manner which is neither fun nor interesting - perhaps these issues will be assuaged as M3 builds further upon its narrative, but at this exact moment it isn't doing itself any favours.

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