Saturday, 17 May 2014

Riddle Story of Devil - Episode 7

With just seven members of the Black Class remaining, those left behind are perhaps in need of a pick me up - and what better place to have one than at the school's private pool?  Everything is in place here for a day of fun and frolics - stunning facilities, a large selections of swimsuits... oh, and a bomb strapped around Haru's neck.

This unexpected "gift" comes courtesy of Suzu Shuto, who has decided to take the assassination "game" playing out around Ichinose rather literally by turning it into an actual game, hiding four playing cards around the pool area complete with cryptic clues with the promise of those cards offering up the four-digit PIN required to deactivate the bomb and remove it from around Haru's neck.

While the other girls mostly watch on with a certain sense of amusement, it's up to Azuma and Haru to decipher the clues and assemble the cards which will save Haru's life - however, the location of the final card means that the only way to access it is to forsake Azuma's life instead, leaving those concerned with something of a dilemma before the issue ultimately resolves itself once it becomes clear that three cards is enough to guess the PIN in question.

All of this made for another pretty fun episode of Riddle Story of Devil, but one that could have done with a bit more time to breathe in places - things moved on so quickly out of necessity that there was no time to luxuriate in the tension or drama of trying to save Haru's life, which perhaps lessened some of its impact somewhat.  That aside, this episode worked well enough at delivering everything it intended to, while also presenting an all-important reminder about password security and social engineering.  That was the real goal of the episode after all, right?

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