Thursday, 29 May 2014

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Episode 9

Yuzuki has finally fought her way to victory, claiming her place as an Eternal Girl and making her wish come true - but has she lost something of herself in the process?

Meanwhile, Ruko is seeming at least a little more cheerful, but beneath that exterior she still continues to puzzle over and try to process recent events in her head, to no avail - at least this means that battling is far from her mind, as it is for Yuzuki as she and her brother finds themselves in the midst of escalating rumours about their relationship. This doesn't seem to faze Yuzuki at all however, and instead she uses it as a jumping off point to confess fully and completely to Kazuki, even showing little concern when he runs off in a state of shock and upset.

If her demeanour is merely as a result of confidence in her wish being granted then it's certainly with good reason, as eventually Kazuki confesses his own feelings towards his sister, even if we'll never know whether they were genuine or merely brought about by the process of becoming an Eternal Girl.  Thanks to a chance meeting between Hitoe and Ruko, we now know exactly what that phrase means too - Yuzuki's LRIG Hanayo has now taken control of both her body and her wish, leaving Yuzuki herself to become the LRIG that coincidentally ended up in Hitoe's hands. How Ruko will react after being fed all of this information in the midst of battle is just one the questions left hanging as the episode comes to an end.

The big twist in the tale was made clear by the end of last week's episode of Selector Infected WIXOSS, but now that it's fully out in the open I'm curious to see what they do with it, particularly given that Yuzuki and Hitoe are effectively fighting together - will all of the figurative and literal cards being laid out on the table change their strategy and approach towards the Selector system?  I'm still not sure whether any of the wider questions such as why this is all happening in the first place will ever be answered, but for a series that threatened to be a Madoka Magica-a-like in its early running there's no doubt that the show is now striking out in its own direction, which in itself is ensuring its continued place as one of the spring's must-watch shows.

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