Thursday, 22 May 2014

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Episode 8

Another life has been ruined thanks to three defeats as a Selector, and Akari is determined to take her suffering out upon those she hold responsible - something she looks set to succeed in until events present Ruko and Yuzuki an opportunity to escape from her.

Even after seeing Akari's scarred face as a result of her wish going awry, Yuzuki refuses to back down from her desire to become an Eternal Girl and have her wish fulfilled, leaving Ruko to her own devices and promising that the next time they meet she'll be very different.  It's yet another hardship foist upon Ruko's shoulders, although at least she can find solace in her grandmother's forgiving demeanour.

As for Yuzuki, her aggressive tracking down of other Selectors has taken her to the bring of achieving her dream, and having found one last victim in a trading card store she accepts the laws of being a Selector to achieve her goal, with other events also conspiring to seemingly leave her perfectly placed to seduce and gain her brother's love.  But is this even the real Yuzuki any more?  A new pack of WIXOSS cards presented to Hitoe by her mother in the hope of cheering her up suggests that she may now be indisposed elsewhere...

After that slow start, Selector Infected WIXOSS really seems to be going from strength to strength in recent weeks - my suspicions about what could be revealed as the truth of becoming an Eternal Girl has now been confirmed, but that in itself isn't a bad thing, and the depressed feelings coming from Ruko and Hitoe were both palpable to the point of being affecting in this week's episode to give some emotional bite.  The biggest remaining question now seems to be how much of the reasoning behind what's going on will be revealed - will we get to see the wiring under the WIXOSS board, or will it leave all these goings-on unexplained under the auspices of "just because"?  I won't necessarily mind if they don't dig too deep into exposition on the game and why it exists, provided it manages to make good use of the head of steam and dramatic intent that it's built up over the past few episodes.

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