Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nanana's Buried Treasure - Episode 4

Now that Yuiga Isshin has his grubby mitts on one of the most powerful item's from the Nanana Collection, it's vital that this artifact is removed from his possession as quickly as possible, and it's left to Yuugo and Tensai to do the business.  Or is it?

As it turns out, Yuugo has some hidden affiliations of his own, as he slips his master detective buddy in order to team up with Matsuri, who he seems more than a little familiar with.  Similarly, news that Isshin is going to sell the cane in his possession for 100 million Yen proves to be far from accurate - instead, he wants to use it (predictably) to the rule the world.  This is something that Yuugo has no intention of letting him do, of course, but trying to fight against someone with the power to do anything he desires is a tough proposition... at least, until the batteries on the weapon he's using runs out.

Despite being tricked, Tensai also has a part to play in retrieving the artifact by calling in a favour and thus ensuring the safety of the word - in fact, it's fair to say that this master detective has it all figured out, including Yuugo's real allegiance and the truth behind his actions thus far.  So a rivalry is born, with Tensai moving in next door to Yuugo, who seems determined to move on from life with Matsuri and what it entails in terms of his familial situation - he wants to live for himself according to an angry conversation with his father, but does that also mean walking away from his promise to Nanana?

This week's episode of Nanana's Buried Treasure didn't so much twist and turn as stagger and stumble, and much of its attempts to seem smart are simply engineered by keeping information from the viewer... yet the whole thing still remains oddly compelling, even with the tricks behind its story-telling on plain show.  Tensai's "master detective" role in particular is more enjoyable than it probably should be, while the reveals about Yuugo's allegiances and nature make for a joyful departure from the norms for this kind of show, if only temporarily.  This is no narrative masterpiece then, but it's being told with a certain panache and with a constant grin on its face - it's a show that's having fun, and I can't help but find that rather infectious.

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