Saturday, 17 May 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 19

Ichijou and Kirisaki seem like the perfect contenders to play Romeo and Juliet in their class play for the school festival, but after recent events it seems that Chitoge is in no mood to countenance such a proposition.

This leaves Onodera to take on this all-important role, much to Raku's excitement, while Tachibana is quick to vote herself in as understudy for that part.  As for Kirisaki, she gives everything to do with the production a wide berth, and more importantly she wants absolutely nothing to do with Ichijou, which continues to baffle him.

This ultimately comes to a head as Raku's attempts to find out what's bugging Chitoge only ends up with him spouting more less than endearing thoughts about how the two of them never really had anything in common anyway, which eventually lands him with a well-deserved and almighty slap - this fake romance is now well and truly off.  The show must go on however, and so preparations continue, only to be potentially ruined by a freak injury to Onodera and the illness of her understudy.  Is the play going to be cancelled?  Kosaki is mortified at the thought, but Raku has an idea forming in his brain... he know just the girl who he could ad-lib an acted-out love story with.

It's certainly nice to see a little darkness breaking through the usual mirth and merry-making of Nisekoi for a little while, as it adds a little extra frisson to proceedings and shakes things up enough to allow it to break from the norm - it's also about time Raku got some come-uppance for his slagging off of Chitoge too, which could actually allow for a little more character development, albeit a little late in the series.  This perhaps didn't make for the kind of memorable comedy that the show has been so good at, but a change can do you good sometimes and I'd argue that's true in Nisekoi's case.

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