Sunday, 1 June 2014

M3 the dark metal - Episode 6

Emiru's mission to venture into the Lightless Realm really couldn't have gone much worse, resulting in her inadvertently calling upon an Admonition which proceeded to wreak havoc with everything in its vicinity.

Ultimately, this state of affairs seems to have proven fatal for her, leaving her fellow pilots in shock and Akashi trying to fathom the meaning behind her last words to him, urging that he "destroy the Corpse". Needless to say, those higher-up in the organisation are alarmed by these recent developments as well, wasting no time in exclaiming that something must be done even if nobody really knows what - if nothing else, this series has an expert eye for depicting management.

Back to those on the ground as part of Gargouille however, and everyone is still trying to make sense of what has happened - Akashi finds himself growing a little closer to Sasame as she in turn tries to understand his feelings and motivations, while Heito and Minashi sneak away to search other areas of the establishment in a belief that Emiru may not actually be dead as has been claimed.  Certainly, there seems to be some truth to this possibility as first these two individuals and then their colleagues hear Emiru's disembodied voice - an occurrence that coincides with the attack of a Corpse, which once again puts Akashi in the front line against these unfathomable opponents.

It's increasingly feeling like there's a good show with some interesting ideas struggling to clamber out of the midst of M3 - its dark story and the direction in which its headed is the kind of thing that should be catnip to me, but it still isn't being delivered in a compelling fashion, under-utilising Emiru's death and never really managing to evoke any real emotion from its spiral of ever-more distressing situations.  If it can find some solid ground from which to move its narrative forward - perhaps with an intriguing twist or two - then it might began to shape up, but for now M3 continues to frustrate me as something that feels like it's wasting a lot of its potential.

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