Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 - Episode 8

The final preliminary round of Love Live is about to get underway, and with those competing interviewed in front of a live and television audience Honoka both impresses and surprises with a bold declaration of their intent to emerge victorious.

However, the question still remains as to what they can do to overcome their rivals and make their way to the competition proper. Even though time is running out, Nozomi suggests that the group write another song - a love song, in fact, much to Umi's concern.  The girls wax and wane on the idea of creating a brand-new song so close to the contest, but Eli in particular seems determined to use her sway to push Nozomi's idea forward - but just why is she so adamant about doing so?

When a Sunday get-together to brain storm (which ultimate results in the girls watching a romantic movie together, to differing responses) also proves fruitless but still seems Eli pushing her agenda, Maki's already roused suspicions only deepen, leading to her following Eli and Nozomi home and eventually confronting them about what they're up to.  The answer is simple enough - Nozomi in particular spent much of her childhood as something of a loner as she was constantly transferring schools, and it was only through Eli and her similar situation that she finally found a friend, in spite of knowing a number of other girls who she wished to become acquainted with... girls who serendipity has it went on to become μ's.  Thus, Nozomi's simple wish is for the group to write a song together, and with an understanding of this Maki and Eli both persuade her to come clean to the others about her desires to make that dream a reality.

This wasn't Love Live at its sharpest in terms of comedy, but it did finally give Nozomi some deserved exposure in what turned into a rather sweet episode that (not for the first time with this show) made good use of the bonds between the cast and their relationships as a single entity who are always willing to help one another out.  The result it's incredibly dramatic or surprising, but it is pleasant and capable of providing exactly the sort of light-hearted entertainment that I've been coming to Love Live for, so it's another case of mission accomplished for this week's instalment for the most part.

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