Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mekakucity Actors - Episode 6

Another episode sees Mekakucity Actors heading off in yet another different direction, this time treating us to the origins of Ene (or Takane, to use her real name) and Haruka.

As it happens, these two individuals are actually former classmates - although their personalities are chalk and cheese they seem to get on decidedly well with one another and spend a lot of time together; a set of circumstances which seems them become the go-to duo to put together something for their class' culture festival entry.  While their teacher has some grandiose ideas that money simply won't allow, Takane might just have a perfect solution that fits his idea of a shooting gallery but without the expense.

So it goes that Takane takes her place as the contestant for challengers to pit their wits against in a head-to-head point shooting video game - something she proves to be decidedly capable of.  Any surprise surrounding this dissipates as it becomes known that Takane also goes by the online handle of Ene, where she's the second best in the country in a major online shooter.  It's a secret that Takane doesn't want publicly known - or at least not by Haruka - but once the word is out and Haruka seems impressed by her abilities, she decides to accept and thrive upon her reputation, even though her successful facade almost slips against a couple of particularly unusual opponents.  As the episode ends however, it seems that Takane's happiness with Haruka is about to come to an abrupt end...

Halfway into the series, Mekakucity Actors continues to be something of a hot mess, as it continues to fill in bits of its back story and develop its characters in a haphazard and slapdash way that mostly detracts rather than adds to any positives its story may have.  In this particular case the episode's major problem was simply that it was rather dull, with nothing all that interesting to say or show about either of its characters and a relationship between them which it was hard to feel passionate about.  Perhaps all of the pieces can still fall into place during the second half of Mekakucity Actors, but its looking increasingly unlikely.

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