Friday, 16 May 2014

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Episode 7

Confronted by Hitoe's mother as she desperately tries to fathom what has happened by her daughter, Ruko is plunged into a panicked sense of despair - just what exactly is she supposed to do, both with the information she holds and her place as a Selector?

Ruko's first thought is to turn to Yuzuki, but finds her unavailable - indeed, she's having her own issues, and having to chosen to fight for her wish despite knowing the risks she's now tracking down Selectors wherever she can find them to push them into battles.  In her anxious haze, Ruko ends up going looking for Akira, finding instead only Iona at the location for her latest modelling shoot.

Having learned the fate of Akira (or at least part of it), Ruko is all the more distraught, but most disturbing of all is Iona's suggestion that she now has a wish... a wish that mirrors Iona's own, that being purely and simply a desire to do battle against other Selectors.  Try as she might to deny it, against Tama's cries of frustration and the goading of Iona and her own LRIG, Ruko eventually caves and admits that yes, she does want to battle.  What a pitched battle it is too, with the initially reluctant Ruko soon seeing her worries dissolve into pure joy at the intense conflict she's engaged in.  It seems that both Ruko and Yuzuki are unsure what to do about the truth of their natures that has confronted them, but there's little time to dwell upon it as it seems that Akira has requested their presence.

After some early doubts about this series, Selector Infected WIXOSS continues to head in a decidedly interesting direction, with this week's episode further maneuvering Ruko into a position where her knowledge and desires are in direct conflict - a situation not so dissimilar from Yuzuki's, albeit with different end goals.  I also remain fascinated by the continued presence of defeated Selectors like Hitoe and now Akira in the show, leaving me pondering whether they'll be put to further use moving forward.  Either way, the series is becoming increasingly interesting and engaging by the week (and that's before we even mention Tama with a rocket launcher), so I can only hope that it continues in that vein over the coming weeks.

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