Tuesday, 17 September 2013

WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!~ - Episode 11

The culture festival is here, and needless to say Tomoko is finding it hard to manoeuvre herself into a position to do anything much as preparation for the big event picks up pace.

However, eventually Tomoko does manage to find sufficient reserves of self-confidence to ask to help with cutting some leaflets, a task which she plans to stretch out over the entire day until she's assigned some help who make that goal distinctly impossible.  Not that this matters much, as she soon succeeds in slicing her hand open with a box cutter, which is perhaps not the greatest form of "clumsy moe" out there.

Still, at least this accident brings Tomoko into contact with the lovely chairman of the festival's planning committee (voiced by the equally lovely Ai Nonoka), who becomes something of a guardian angel who looks out for Tomoko from that point forth even if she perhaps doesn't register it.  For Tomoko's part, she's more worried about the visit of Yuu to the school festival - a visit which threatens to expose another of Tomoko's lies, which is quickly forgot thanks to our protagonist actually (shock, horror) having fun!

I feeling a little like this week's WATAMOTE showcases the best and worst of the series in a single instalment - on the one hand it can be quite sweet at times and even its most blatant nods to and parodies of anime have a certain charm to them, but on the other Tomoko is still an irredeemably horrible person for the most part which in turn reduces the impact of those sweet moments as they somehow feel less deserved.  As a whole, I'd certainly put myself amongst those who still don't really "get" the appeal of this series, but I have perhaps emerged with more of an appreciation of what it is that has caught the eye of so many even if it isn't something I can quite relate to myself.

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