Thursday, 19 September 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 12

Lucy's big date is looming as this week's Servant x Service kicks off - but is her official clothing provider for said date Chihaya still going to be in a fit state to make her outfit?

With no shortage of cosplay outfit creation also on the go (and it seems that Chihaya is a fan of Attack on Titan amongst other things, incidentally), Chihaya is struggling to stay away let alone anything else, and thus she decides to take three days off work at short notice to complete her various masterpieces - a decision which gives Ichimiya something of a holiday of his own, although his decision to visit Chihaya at the end of her leave finds her in worse shape than he might have imagined.

Still, if nothing else Lucy's dress for her date is completed, and in spite of her initial embarrassment about wearing it she (belatedly) makes it to her date with Hasebe - and what a gentleman he is too, taking her where she might want to go, carrying her bags and looking out for her every step of the way.  In fact, so unlike his normal self does this seem to Lucy that she tries to do a runner - not the smartest idea in high heels, it has to be said.  With a family arrangement ultimately causing their date to be postponed before it plays out in full, Hasebe at least has a "rematch" to look forward to, but it seems that there's something else nagging away at him...

With a few laugh out loud exceptions, this is one of those episodes of Servant x Service which I'd label as "fun" rather than outright "hilarious"; the kind of episode that really cashes in on your love of its characters by putting them into amusing or otherwise pleasing situations that work organically and without too much effort at all.  Thankfully, the series has a lot of cash in its goodwill bank to provide just such instalments of pleasant fun, and with a little drama thrown in to spice up the series finale hopefully it can provide some more giggles to see us out next week.

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