Saturday, 14 September 2013

il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion - Episode 11

Their establishment-cum-base in ruins, Luna now serving as a Daemonia and Seira stripped of her powers - things aren't exactly going too well for Akari's employers at the moment.

They have, however, managed to escape with their lives in the wake of the riots and arson which razed their property to the ground, and as they regroup it's time to decide their next course of action.  Any such decision is as of nothing compared to that faced by Seira - having tracked down Cerebrum and Luna, she's faced with an agonising choice between allowing her former friend to live on as a Daemonia and leaving her without her Elemental Tarot powers, or killing Luna and regaining those powers as a result.

As Seira faces this dilemma, so Akari finally learns some of the truths that have been hidden from her at the behest of the Leguzario - information pertaining to her mother, the circumstances leading up to her birth and, crucially, the fact that she is effectively half-Daemonia herself.  All of this explains both Cerebrum and the Leguzario's interest in her, but it also leads her into a quandry of her own - whether to give herself up to Cerebrum in the hope of saving her friends or fight on and potentially lose everything precious to her.

By this show's standards, this week's Day Break Illusion was actually pretty good - it finally got to the heart of some of the elements of its plot, and the revelations surrounding Akari are at least mildly interesting, as is Seira's dilemma with regards to Luna.  None of this is enough to save the wider quality of the series as a whole, but it at least holds a glimmer of hope for a decent ending to a series that has singularly failed to live up to what it clearly hoped (and perhaps even assumed) it would be.

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