Sunday, 22 September 2013

Genshiken Second Season - Episode 12

Now that everything between himself and Kasukabe has been aired and resolved, Madarame can relax and return to normality, right?

Well, not quite - as Keiko sees it, resolving the issue personally is only part of the solution, and she insist that he now goes and updates the rest of the Genshiken crew as to what has happened.  Of course, they already knew all about Madarame's unrequited feelins for Saki so there are no shocks to be found here, and the group does their utmost to cheer up Madarame in their own inimitable Genshiken style.

Madarame isn't the only one pondering what their future might hold however, as Ohno is having to face up to the fact that graduation is looking and that there's still no sign of any kind of gainful employment for her once she leaves the university.  Cue Rika with an innovative money-making idea - why doesn't she make and sell a mildly risque cosplay CD?  It's something that Ohno gives some serious consideration... and then some not-so serious consideration thanks to a cosplay photo shoot and a bottle of sake.  It's a combination that is never likely to end well, although thanks to Tanaka's presence Ohno's drunken breakdown and confession of everything that is on her mind at least serves to cement their relationship.  If only things were looking quite so rosy for Madarame, as his post-Saki decision-making appears to be verging upon the self-destructive.

In the midst of all its fun and frolics, Genshiken sure does have some important items on its agenda at the moment as it considers the futures of members of its cast - thankfully, this doesn't destroy the show's sense of fun, and these moments of adversity for some of its individuals really allow the rest of the cast to go to work in terms of depicting the power of friendship.  It's really pretty heart-warming seeing the Genshiken crew helping one another out, and even more so when it happens in such an organic, wordless way - this is true friendship where problems don't need to explained and expounded upon, and others are there for you to take your mind off things and remind you why life can be fun rather than psycho-analyse you.  Heck, I may need some cheering up myself once this series ends next weekend, as I'm certainly going to miss it.

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