Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Eccentric Family - Episode 11

His fellow family members kidnapped and surrounded himself, Yasaburou seems like his time is up as the last hope for avoiding a member of the Shimogamo family ending up in the Friday Fellows' hotpot.

This is, however, to reckon without Benten, who happens to be in the vicinity and needs an umbrella in the pouring rain.  Yasaburou naturally transforms and obliges, and Benten offers him salvation from his current predicament, even if she isn't generous enough to help any further with his plans to save his family.  Still, with Yasaburou running into the Professor tasked with finding a suitable "victim" for the hotpot - and carrying a cage no less - it seems that the game is afoot.

Unfortunately for Yasaburou, it isn't the game he was expecting, as this entire scenario is nothing more than yet another trick by Ginkaku and Kinkaku with the explicit goal of capturing him.  With Yaichirou and his mother also captive and caged, Yajirou nowhere to be seen and Yashirou locked away, the game is surely up... until her brothers give Kaisei some valuable information, and she spies an opportunity to allow Yashirou to make good his escape to suggest that maybe not all hope is lost after all.

So ends another great episode of The Eccentric Family, which made good use of its twists and turns to take the viewer on something of a rollercoaster while also adding a little to Benten's mystique yet again and tugging a little at the heartstrings as the family we've followed for all these weeks on the brink of being torn asunder in a web of betrayal and the selfishness of others.  It seems that we're all set for a fantastic finale by the end of this week's instalment, so boy do I hope the series can live up to the possibilities that it has smartly built up for itself over the past couple of weeks.

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