Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 24 (Completed)

Aritomi and company's plan is about to enter full swing, with 20,000 remote controlled powered suits at the forefront of their assault - surely this is too much for Misaka and her friends to handle?

It most certainly is... but then again that isn't really a problem when they can also call on the rest of their fellow students to assemble en masse and task them with containing these powered suits to ensure that they can't even begin their assault.  While Misaka heads in the direction of Aritomi and STUDY themselves, it seems that this plan is all set to work perfectly to thwart their plan - at least, it does until their opponents add some more difficulties to the situation by jamming the student's communications and launching some manned machines with a rather substantial amount of firepower behind them.

However, STUDY aren't the only ones with a trick or two up their sleeves - enter Kongou Airline's own giant robot, ready and waiting to be piloted by Saten to take out some of these pesky opponents, while ITEM also come to Misaka's aid to deal with some machines based upon Mugino's Meltdowner ability.  With Aritomi cornered, in desperation he launches his group's final ploy - a missile set to use Janie's power to mess with all of the AIM diffusion fields across Academy city.  It's time for Misaka's "sisters" to take the stage here, as a plan quickly forms to take out this missile above the Earth's atmosphere before it's too late.

It feels like it's taken rather a while to get here for this story arc, but this was certainly a rip-roaring finale for the series - action-packed, excellently animated and... well, entirely bonkers when you actually start to think about the level of insanity involved in the episode's events.  But hey, I can forgive the series such things when it manages to provide it with such panache, and it delivered the kind of ending that I wanted from a series that also kicked things off in similarly spectacular style.  Thankfully, the content in-between was largely excellent too - okay, the whole Febri story was a slow-burner that never quite got into gear, but that's mostly offset by the sheer strength of the Sisters arc which was the show's real focus.  Once it has more manga to work from, I really hope this isn't the last we've seen of our titular Railgun and her friends.

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