Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Eccentric Family - Episode 9

This week's episode of The Eccentric Family begins by filling us in on another slice of recent tanuki history, explaining the links - and later rivalry - between the Ebisugawa and Shimogamo families right the way through to the aborted engagement between Yasaburou and Kaisei.

That aside, the process to choose the next Nise-emon is now looming large, beginning with the two contenders from the rival families stepping forward to claim their role within this race to the Center Stone - a stone which, incidentally, may or may not actually be a stone, but that's another story.  The trouble is, the due process for this entire election may have hit a snag, as it requires the presence of a tengu, and with the usual incumbent in that role crying off sick an alternative is needed.

Naturally, Professor Akadama is the obvious choice, but just as naturally he really isn't interested in going to the effort of filling that role, leaving it to Yasaburou to somehow sweet talking him into changing his mind, which he duly does.  With just days to go until the big day, Kaisei makes an appearance to Yasaburou to warn him (and his family) that her brothers are clearly up to no good - but why is she so unusually apologetic about the whole thing?

After a bit of a slow start, this week's Eccentric Family managed to find its way in a suitably satisfying fashion, delivering some of the needed nuts and bolts of its story while also finally bringing Kaisei into the series in an enjoyable and meaningful way to supplement her previous appearances (well, semi-appearances).  It's the interactions like those between Kaisei and Yasaburou, or Yasaburou and the Professor, that continue to be where this show stands out, and even if recent episodes could maybe have benefited from more appearances from Benten I'm still simply enjoying watching the cast live out this story, especially when backed by an enjoyable soundtrack and animation.

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