Saturday, 28 September 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 75

Mutta has pulled off the vertical roll climb right in front of NASA's chief as planned, but he isn't done yet with his aerobatic attempts.

Part two of his masterplan involves getting the attention of Serika, and what better way to do that than by drawing a heart in the sky?  Certainly, Serika is suitably impressed... the trouble is, a delay to her shuttle bus means that she doesn't see said heart from the correct angle, and when coupled with her being oblivious to Mutta's interest in her she totally misinterprets what she sees before.  Unfortunately, the same can also be said of Butler himself, who is perfectly placed to see this heart drawn in the sky and... well, you can probably guess the misunderstanding that comes from that.

After this light-hearted fare, our attention returns to Sharon, whose condition has noticeably worsened since we last checked in on her.  Although work towards constructing and preparing her lunar telescope is still well and truly underway thanks to the help of umpteen others to make it a possibility, there's no escaping from Sharon's despair at her own failing health.  Still, perhaps there's still hope for Mutta being involved in the mission to construct the telescope...

All in all, Space Brothers was probably due something of a light-hearted respite, and thankfully the first half of this episode was a hugely enjoyable one that got some big laughs out of me even though you could see where it was heading in advance.  This slice of comedy was all the more important to ease us into Sharon's heart-rending troubles, which become harder to watch by the week.  We are, however, one step closer to seeing Mutta reach the moon, as a positive to end another really quite superb episode of this series.

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