Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 21

It was pretty clear to us from the outset tat Febri was no normal little girl, but we now know the full extent of her abnormality - needless to say, it's a revelation that shocks Misaka somewhat in spite of her previous dealings with similar matters.

More pressing than the fact that Febri is an artificial lifeform however is, of all things, those lollipops - rather than an attempt to cater to Febri's sweet tooth, they are in fact designed to specifically counteract a poison secreted by Febri's body.  With those lollipops running out... well, you can figure out the rest.  Of course, Misaka's first reaction to all of this news is to track down those responsible for Febri's creation in a bid to save her, no matter how deep this might plunge her into the city's underworld.  But is it really something she should do alone?

While Misaka's initial plan is to ensure that her friends aren't caught up any further in the danger that could appear before them at any moment, some further introspection (and some comments from Kongou) make her realise that this isn't a burden she can hope to bear alone.  Thus, her friends are roped into the effort to track down Febri's creators, and they all prove to be suitably robust and enthusiastic about the whole thing.  But, with time running out for Febri and the links to one of Misaka's former acquaintances seemingly solidifying, it's our titular Railgun who seems likely to lead the way.

 Although I'm still a little concerned by the slow pace of this particular story arc (we only have a few episodes left now), this week's instalment of A Certain Scientific Railgun S was at least a much more satisfying one - Misaka's angst over whether to go it alone or involve her friends was well-placed to offset and play off the back of her behaviour in the Sisters arc, and seeing her working together with said friends was also enjoyable to watch after a fashion.  With time ticking away however, this story needs to get to the crux of whatever it's trying to deliver, and soon.

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