Saturday, 21 September 2013

il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion - Episode 12

Cerebrum has laid out his terms for saving Luna and Seira to Akari, and the price for their survival is a high one... effectively, he wants to mate with her in return for their safety.

Akari being who she is however, it doesn't take too much hesitation before she agrees and finds herself whisked away to the Clessidra, a kind of limbo between the Astralux and the real world.  It's here that Cerebrum intends to have his wicked way with Akari, but not before breaking her mind by making her relieve a single event over and over again, that being the day of Fuyuna's transformation into a Daemonia.

Stubbornly, Akari refuses to give in and relives this scenario over and over as she tries to figure out how to save her cousin - meanwhile, a recovered Luna and Seira are now free and able to join their former employers in the hunt for Akari.  With the likely location of Cerebrum pinned down, they rush to Akari's aid, and even find themselves joined by a very familiar face as they begin their fight to free her.

With its decent soundtrack and some reasonably interesting ideas, this is another episode of Day Break Illusion that serves as a reminder of the potential that the series had, while also showing why it never quite managed to execute upon it as it rushes through things or throws in additional plot elements that feel like they've come straight out of Dragon Ball Z (I'm looking at you, Ginka).  These missteps dilute any emotional power or shock value the series could have hoped to have and leave it floundering at key points where it should be driving home its key moments - something which Day Break Illusion seems singularly incapable of doing as the missed opportunities for it pile up high.

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