Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Blood Lad - Episode 10 (Completed)

You know what they say about what happens when the cat's away, and it seems as if the proverbial mice of Staz's area of the demon world have finally caught on to the fact that he isn't around.

This, however, isn't really Staz's major concern, as he instead finds himself facing Bell's father Hydra - a simultaneously angry yet friendly fellow from whom Bell has inherited her powers, who wants to have a bit of a man to man (well, demon to vampire) chat about the history of Bell, Fuyumi and their respective parents.  In short, Hydra is a little worried about Staz's intentions not only towards Bell, but more importantly towards Fuyumi - just why does he want to resurrect her exactly?

Staz admitting that even he isn't sure whether he simply wants to drink Fuyumi's blood or something more wholesome doesn't really help in the matter, but Hydra ultimately makes our anti-hero make a pledge - that he'll let Fuyumi and only Fuyumi decide whether she'll allow Staz to resurrect her, and similarly that she'll be the only one to decide whether he can drink her blood.  With that agreed upon, all that remains is for Fuyumi herself to agreed to return to the mission to resurrect her, while meanwhile Braz continues with his own nefarious plans and Staz's homeland somehow remains safe for another day.

So goes an unsatisfying end to an unsatisfying series - a sequence of rushed and half-baked partial resolutions to plot points still left broadly open in the (surely vain) hope of a second season.  To be quite frank, this show really doesn't deserve one - from beginning to end it has been almost universally unfunny, poorly animated, sloppily scripted and plotted and needlessly burdened with half-baked fan service.  Everything about Blood Lad has been painfully average to a degree where it's largely been a virtual masterclass in tedium - sometimes being abjectly mediocre is worse for the viewer than being downright bad, and this is undoubtedly one of those occasions.  Never mind Fuyumi, let's just hope that nobody chooses to resurrect Blood Lad in animated form any time soon.

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