Sunday, 8 September 2013

Attack on Titan - Episode 22

His pugilistic battle with the mysterious Female Titan over and ending in defeat, Eren is now hostage to said Titan as it looks to make good its escape.

However, you couldn't ask for a more effective duo to give chase here than Levi and Mikasa, and it is indeed these two who find themselves in hot pursuit of this tiring Titan.  Although hoping to kill it seems to be nothing more than folly at this juncture, rescuing Eren remains a possibility, and it's this which becomes their sole objective.  With Levi's speed and abilities, this proves to be a surprisingly simple operation, and after some slashing at the Titan to immobilise it Levi has enough time to slice its jaw open and retrieve Eren before scarpering.

With Eren unconscious but safe, all that remains is for the long journey home to return within the city walls - a difficult journey not because of the danger of a Titan attack at any moment, but because of the opportunity this serves to take stock of the human costs of this failed operation.  As the bodies pile high, for some the lack of a body for their comrades is too much, and the unsanctioned retrieval of a corpse from the mission by a couple of individuals sees the entire group pursued by Titans - a particularly problematic issue as it occurs in an open space, and one that leaves them no choice but to jettison the bodies that they had collected.  This arguably makes the return to the city even more morose, but the mission's failure is set to have even bigger implications for Eren in particular.

Following on from the majesty of recent weeks, it was inevitable that things would have to slow down at some point, and this week's Attack on Titan is that point after a surprisingly quick resolution of last week's cliffhanger.  Couple this with an almost throwaway reveal to set the scene for the final episodes of the series and this could be seen as a frustrating episode, but despite these shortcomings the continuing ability of the series to drive home the human cost of the Titan fight and the effect it has on those involved ensures that the episode has some impact and offers more than just hack and slash action.

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