Thursday, 12 September 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 11

The stress of recent events surrounding Lucy have clearly taken their toll on Hasebe by the start of this week's Servant x Service, to the point where he vanishes from his workplace even more than is normal for this natural-born layabout.

But exactly where has Hasebe gone?  He's nowhere to be found in any of the usual haunts, but the section chief posits that he might be hanging out at a bazaar being held outside the building.  It seems like a smart enough observation, but then again it might just be that the chief wants to check out the bazaar for himself... either way, it somehow also leads to him vanishing as well, leaving Lucy to pick up the pieces and retrieve his adorable rabbit form which seems to have been procured by an adoring child.

While the aftermath of this provides an opportunity for Lucy and Hasebe to straighten things out (if only for a moment before Lucy tramples all over his heart again), there's less reassurance available to Miyoshi has she has to face up to a meal with Tanaka.  Trying to spend her day off in town to take her mind off this might seem like a good idea, but when you end up bumping into everybody from your workplace and involving yourself in whatever issues they might have it can be rather exhausting.  In the wake of all this, it seems as if Miyoshi's "date" with Tanaka looks set to go the same, although he isn't so bad when he isn't talking incessantly about Hasebe.  Then again, anyone is easy to put up with once you've passed out from drinking alchohol.

Even when it's at its silliest (aka anything to do with the section chief), Servant x Service has certainly succeeded in setting out its stall as being fun by this point in time, and this episode is no different - it perhaps isn't the show at its funniest but it frequently does enough to put a smile on your face or give you a giggle here and there, which is really all you can ask for of a show like this as it continues to run its course in a mostly pleasing manner.

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