Saturday, 7 September 2013

Genshiken Second Season - Episode 10

Hato's perfect disguise has left him confident that he won't be recognised by his former schoolmates during the festival - he has, however, reckoned without his Genshiken colleagues.

Between Kuchiki and Madarame, Hato is all but outed to his two former classmates, and once his former senior Kaminaga is on the scene and his wig is removed... well, the game is well and truly up.  Having witnessed him in this cross-dressing state one of those former classmates, Konno, is distraught that she is somehow responsible for "breaking" Hato, and as the discussion moves somewhere more private the whole story of Hato's school life is revealed.

Despite being an otaku with a passing interest in Boys Love, and in particular Kaminaga's expertly illustrated BL imaginings, Hato was determined to stay out of such interactions - until, that is, some of Kaminaga's illustrations were left unattended in the art room he spent so much time in after school.  Having decided to take a look at these in the bathroom, he returns to find Kanno looking for said pictures and explains the whole thing - a chain of events which ultimately led to Hato being shunned, while the rumour mill soon caught onto his actions, labeling him as gay.  With Kaminaga dating Hato's brother and Hato's cross-dressing often bearing more than a passing similarity to her, there are plenty of complexities to this whole situation, but it seems that if anything Kaminaga (and even Ogiue) can see the attraction of the scenario... in fujoshi terms of course.

In spite of spending a hefty chunk of time in flashback, this was another hugely enjoyable episode of Genshiken Second Season - getting to grips with Hato's past was much-needed, and delivered in an entertaining and suitably heart-felt way, as were the introductions of all of his former school acquaintances.  The episode also found time for a few more laugh out loud moments, with Sue and Madarame in particular ensuring that comedy was (quite literally) just around the corner while other more serious discussion were taking place.  Add to that a zinger of a final line to close the episode, and this series is still firing on all cylinders and then some.

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