Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wizard Barristers - Episode 9

After the events that occurred to Cecil and her colleagues in the US and Canada respectively, there are lots of questions to be asked about exactly what's going on and why those at Butterfly Law Offices seem to be the ones in the line of fire.

Of course, Cecil has a greater understanding of exactly what's going on here, and to her eyes it all seems to pertain to her mother's trial and life sentence; a trial which we get to see the conclusion to with our own eyes as this episode begins.  Realising that this was the moment the sparked the conspiracy in which she's now at least somewhat unwittingly embroiled, Cecil looks to revisit those involved with the trial to try and find the weak link that could lead to the truth.

Needless to say this is easier said than done, and in spite of warnings not to go it alone from her employers Cecil nonetheless seeks out the truth without any outside help, even going so far as to borrow Moyo's name to meet the judge who sentenced her mother.  With these pleas for help falling on deaf ears, Cecil instead looks to Shizumu to assist her, which he readily agrees to do - little does she know that she's playing with fire and walking straight into the heart of the conspiracy surrounding her.  As various elements close in around her, it seems that an attempt to awaken Satan himself is the goal for those who wish to use Cecil's powers.

Throwing Lucifer into the mix is a rather silly end-game for Wizard Barristers, but then again... well, this is a series about wizard barristers.  It might have been largely short on action, but I actually rather enjoyed this week's episode now that the series is no longer spinning its wheels and seems determined to dive headlong into the full extent of its main narrative.  Whether it has what it takes to make full use of what should surely be a "Cecil versus Satan" finale is another matter entirely, but I certainly hope it has the balls to try it.

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