Thursday, 6 March 2014

Golden Time - Episode 21

Understandably, Banri is feeling pretty rough after his "attack" in the middle of the festival during last week's episode, and the fallout from that incident and its impact upon the festival club certainly isn't helping matters.

Even so, Koko isn't exactly too happy at Banri's attempts to run away from whatever ailed him that day, yet he still refuses to talk to her about it and explain exactly what happened.  He does, however, at least agree to let her help him somewhat, and more importantly he realises that it's time for him to gather his friends and explain his past and the circumstances surrounding it to them.  What better way to do that than accompanied by Kobe beef?

Having invited all of the group to his place for the slap-up meal in question, it's Oka who arrives first, in part to apologise for her recent behaviour towards Banri but also to explain the reasons behind it - reasons which aren't too hard to guess, boiling down as they do to her feelings for Mitsuo.  In the course of this discussion however, Banri once again finds himself throw back eighteen months in time to his previous self, once again leaving him frightened, confused and calling out for Linda... who, it just so happens, is next door.  After somewhat regaining his senses and pleading with those gathered not to tell Koko, Banri does a runner, stopped only by Mitsuo and Takaya, who persuade him that they'll do everything they can to ensure he never "disappears".  Is this really enough to settle Banri's nerves though, and will Koko be similarly forgiving?

This perhaps wasn't Golden Time at its best, but the series is at least putting Banri's memory loss to real use beyond simply that of a convenient plot point, and it does make for an interesting centre point for current events even if his refusal to tell everyone exactly what's happening seems a little pig-headed even by his standards.  Still, with some more romantic complexities thrown in to this episode there's no shortage of material for the final episodes of the series to get its teeth into, so I really hope it can do so in a manner befitting of some of Golden Time's.. well, golden times.

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