Sunday, 23 March 2014

Space☆Dandy - Episode 12

Dandy and company bringing in low-rent aliens to Scarlett for payment is nothing new, but now these new alien specimens are so pathetic that they payout is less than the administrative costs of handling them.

In light of this, Scarlett suggests that Dandy shouldn't come back until he brings back a suitable impressive alien; something like, oh, I dunno... a Chamelonian.  Of course, our hero is always going to take that kind of bait, which sends him off on the hunt for what he mistakenly assumes will be little more than a large chameleon.  Misguided though this is, it does at least allow QT to discover the joys of fishing (QT Hartley, anyone?) - a passion which inadvertently and unwittingly nets him an actual Chamelonian.

You can probably guess what happens here... a normal nice on the Aloha Oe turns into a confusing day as the realisation dawns that there are now four people on the ship, while trying to catch the culprit becomes all the more difficult when the alien in question starts wandering around resembling everything from inanimate objects through to the crew itself.  When the Chamelonian finally decides to mimic Dandy himself, the two simply can't be told apart - not that Dandy seems to mind there being two of him, nor does he seem too worried that he isn't even sure who is any more... a problem that is about to afflict a certain rival of his as he attempts to capture his prey.

This was perhaps the most predictable episode of Space Dandy yet, but that didn't stop it from being pretty entertaining and amusing as it went amount making use of its setup with gusto to create a fun little instalment that may not be the best this show has to offer, but is also far from the worst.  As ever, the episode was colourful and pretty well animated, to add some sheen to a solid package - it still leaves me wondering whether Space Dandy needs or will benefit from having twenty-six episodes when it's already starting to feel a little light on content, but I guess I can't complain if it keeps me entertaining like this.

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