Friday, 21 March 2014

Kill la Kill - Episode 23

It's time for the final showdown - well, the almost final showdown - so it's all hands on deck to prevent Life Fibres from taking over the world.  And by that, I mean that even Mako is on-hand with her rebuilt Goku Uniform to lend a hand.

If Mako makes the early running in protecting the Naked Sol from invading Covers look easy, the bad news is that things only get tougher and tougher as she threatens to be overwhelmed - luckily for her the Elite Four are about to receive new, improved Goku Uniforms of their own, which appears to be more than enough to turn the tide.

At least, it would be if it the Original Life Fibre didn't choose that moment to make a detour in the direction of the Naked Sol with a view to devouring it, making Satsuki and Ryuko's already difficult task of trying to destroy it and fight Ragyo all the more impossible.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and a surprising show of strategic nous from Ryuko devises the perfect plan for the others to distract Ragyo while she puts paid to the Original Life Fibre - with a little help from Mako, of course.  This isn't the end of the battle though (although it does leave time for a nice cup of tea), as Harime's masterpiece is complete and Ragyo is still very much alive and kicking to wear it to provide a final foe for our collected heroes to fight against.

The setup of its final struggle meant that there isn't a whole lot of room for Kill la Kill to surprise the audience at this late juncture, but it still manages to provide a few highly entertaining (and/or amusing) twists and turns along the way regardless to bring us towards what will surely be a satisfying finale next week to end it all.  With a couple of final baddies for us all to rail against while we cheer on our favourite characters, we'll hopefully be left with one last thrill ride to end the weekly dose of colourful insanity that this show has provided with such a aplomb.

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