Friday, 14 March 2014

Kill la Kill - Episode 22

Against all odds, Ryuko has managed to break free of the uniform-turned-prison that is Junketsu, turning the tables once again in the battle for the future of humanity.

It seems, however, like Ryuko might have made one miscalculation in her recovery - pinning Harime to a wall with her half of those infamous scissors.  Far from dead, Nui is simply angry, and now that she has both halves of the scissors in her possession she holds the means to slice Senketsu to pieces before Ryuko can don him again.  That's the plan, at least, but Senketsu himself has other ideas, and once reunited with Ryuko there's no stopping this pairing as our protagonist sets about rendering Nui quite literally armless.  If Harime was angry before, she's now apoplectic with rage, although there's nothing for it but to make good her escape under the circumstances.

This in turn offers our ragtag crew of saviours of the Earth to regroup and resupply, which in this case means saving some of their former comrades from the Covers that have swallowed them, collecting Life Fibres for new Goku uniforms, and for Ryuko and Satsuki it's time to put their rivalry to bed.  With Harime put back to work at completing Ragyo's plan, while Ragyo herself returns to Honnouji Academy with the Original Life Fibre as part of that scheme, it's time for the final battle for the future of the planet to take place.

Having changed allegiance more times than she's changed her clothes (well, as many times as she's changed her clothes, technically speaking), I'm actually a little relieved that we have Ryuko back on the right side again, and we seem all set for some rip-roaring final episodes.  There were, as is the norm for this show, some great moments sprinkled throughout this week's instalment, even if some of its notable moments swang a little too hard towards the direction of comedy violence for my liking which in turn reduced their impact.  These quibbles aside, Kill la Kill still knows what the viewers want and certainly seems to know what it's doing - my biggest hope now is that they have sufficient budget left over to treat us to more animation akin to its earlier episodes before things started looking cheap.

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