Friday, 21 March 2014

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! REN - Episode 11

Shichimiya's battle with herself was almost won... but Yuuta had to come back and ruin it all, leaving her running from the scene in tears.

In fact, Yuuta has himself a handful in terms of pretty much all of the girls around him - in the wake of that little slice of drama, a rain-soaked Rikka has been left with a cold but refuses to sit still as she seeks to go somewhere that she point-blank refuses to tell Yuuta about.  Then there's Nibutani, who is hassling Yuuta to bring Satone's lovelorn malaise to an end, even if she can't offer any pointers as to how he might go about that.

Of course, Satone herself - after a period of sulking alone - is determined to continue playing her usual cheerful role to prove that everything is okay in her world, even if this isn't the case, although Yuuta's attempt for a heart-to-heart with her is ruined by news that Rikka has gone missing when she should be resting.  It's thanks to Satone that we finally get to the bottom of what Rikka is up to - in short, she's been searching for the last of Yuuta's "buried treasures", largely out of desperation to have one of these tokens of her bond with Yuuta for herself.  This actually leaves Yuuta with a perfect opportunity to resolve all of the issues that face him - any jealousy Rikka might be feeling, any lingering hopes that Shichimiya may have, and also a firm resolution of his own feelings for Rikka.

Although this is more of a personal complaint at this point than a fault with the series (which is tried and tested in its outlook at this juncture), the over-reliance on its characters "delusions" as the crux of this week's episode succeeding in breaking it for me, making for a love story that it was impossible to relate to.  Given that the entire episode was supposedly an emotional one, the result was an instalment that looked pretty (as always) but left me cold - an issue that this series has had all too often, if I'm honest.

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