Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wizard Barristers - Episode 8

Now that their run-in with a dangerous criminal is done and dusted, and with any problems caused by their use of magic negated, it's time for Cecil and Hotaru to complete their Canadian trip after saying goodbye to wannabe Wizard Barrister Kaede.

Having been met by Cecil's father with a rifle at their destination, any misunderstandings are quickly cleared up once Cecil arrives on the scene and weaponry is soon replaced with drinks and small talk as Hotaru is welcomed into the family home.  Unable to contain her curiosity, talk regularly turns to Cecil's mother and the events which led to her arrest, but Cecil's father seems reticent to talk about things while Cecil herself has nothing more than vague memories of the incident.

Such concerns take a back seat however, as the conspiracy surrounding Cecil and the teasing out of her powers reach a new level - her coworkers back in the US suddenly find themselves under intense attack from their host, while Cecil and Hotaru have to deal with a Diabloid that obliterates Cecil's family home in the midst of its own attack.  Once again, Cecil's emotions lead to her running riot with her own magic, as she plucks metal from some vast distances to create her own metal menace, only to receive a surprise when the pilot of her opponent is revealed.  This campaign against Cecil is getting intensely personal, it seems.

I was hoping there would be some worthy pay-off to the series of ridiculous and frankly stupid coincidences which occurred throughout last week's episode, and thankfully there was in the form of the kind of action we've been hungry for from this series for a few weeks now.  Although elements of its plot still seems flimsy, it's a little easier to forgive such issues when there's fire, water and giant machines being flung around, and such moments continue to be the stand-out aspects of the series.  With Moyo seemingly closer to outing her part in proceedings to boot, I truly hope we're in for more of the same over the coming weeks.

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