Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wizard Barristers - Episode 10

Come the end of last week's Wizard Barristers, Cecil seemed to have landed herself in decidedly hot water as rival forces swirl around her, leading to her trying to escape from Shizumu with some assistance from Kiba Sameoka, even though she really isn't sure who or what she's meant to be running from.

It's ultimately Moyo who saves her from both factions as their magical battle threatens to get seriously out of hand, in turn forcing all and sundry to regroup.  For Shizumu's part, this means arresting Sameoka under what he purports to be accusations of human trafficking, although the constant questions of his superior Quinn as to his recent actions are a thorn in his side that he ultimately finds himself having to deal with.

As Shizumu's movements expand to shut down and search Shark Knight's offices, it's left to Shibuki Kujira to deliver the truth to Cecil - a truth that includes her death six years previously, and her importance as the "catalyst" to whatever the dangerous faction of magic users known as the Macal are plotting.  Cecil may be safe for now, but danger is never too far away - then again, it seems that even Shizumu's taste for involving Cecil in the unfolding plan seems to be wavering, so she may have some aides in unexpected places.

Although its animation quality took a dive, offset by some well-crafted action scenes, this was a busy and pretty decent episode of Wizard Barristers - its somewhat tangled plot perhaps isn't exactly its strong point and the show always feels like it might trip over its own narrative feet at any moment, but we seem to be moving towards an interesting conclusion to the series over its final couple of episodes now that we know the overall gist of what is going on and the allegiances of those involved.  Hopefully it'll involve lots of magical explosions to boot, as that certainly seems to be one of the show's strong points.

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